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This year is already proving to be a unique period for the energy industry as the landscape remains in a state of flux. While 2020 certainly proved to be a challenging year for conventional energy sectors such as Oil & Gas and Mining, there was a lot of exciting innovation in Green Energy developments that will continue into 2021. And despite complications caused by Covid-19, the industry has found numerous ways to evolve and develop unique methods of managing, attracting and employing critical workforces.


Employees & Job Seekers are broadening their horizons

Our research found that around 73% of professionals are now looking for new opportunities both in their current sector and also across other energy industries. This indicates that specialists in the field are more willing than ever before to broaden their horizons and expose themselves to new job opportunities beyond their current remit.

Workers looking for new opportunities (2019 vs 2020)

Workers looking to move outside of their current industry


Health & Safety has become increasingly important

When battling for talented workers in energy, health and safety (H&S) has become one of the determining factors for talent to join a company. 61% of specialists state that strong H&S practices are critical when considering new opportunities within the industry. Another 24% consider it to be of “high importance”, indicating the importance of safety in the workplace for today’s energy experts.

A poor H&S reputation is the number 1 reason why employees would rule out potential opportunities

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Nationalisation/Localisation is a priority

In fewer than 12 months, recruiters and companies within the industry have almost doubled their goals for hiring local talent. With a rise from 10% to 19% in local hiring interest, it’s clear that the pandemic has caused many mobility challenges that have led to a refocus on hiring, a trend that will likely continue in the near future.


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