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Disclosing salaries in a candidate-driven market

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The energy sector is currently experiencing challenges in sourcing talent, meaning candidates still hold the cards in the labour market. This has made it far more challenging for employers to recruit suitable candidates with the right skills. So how should companies respond? One method is through disclosing the salary in job adverts - arming candidates with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Energy recruitment trends across Europe

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The energy sector is in a state of flux right now. With an energy crisis dominating headlines in 2022, commitments to renewable energy and a global skills shortage now is a critical time for the sector.

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The best and worst time to post a job advert

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Your job advert is your shot at attracting the best candidates. You’ve spent time crafting it, optimising the copy, and then you hit submit. Job done, right? However, did you think about when you posted it, or was it just whenever was convenient for you?

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Latest renewables energy employment news

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The renewables energy sector will continue to grow in importance over the coming years as the energy transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, greener sources gathers pace. The EU is powering ahead as it aims to decarbonise and meet its energy efficiency and climate neutral targets by 2050, which in turn is creating thousands of renewable energy jobs. In our latest blog, we explore the latest policy news and progress being made in the EU, what the most in demand energy skills and roles are and some top talent attraction tips for employers.

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THREE ways to attract more women in the energy sector

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A new report published by POWERful Women, the body representing the development of women in the energy industry, produced in association with global management consulting firm, Bain & Company, has revealed the extent of the barriers that are preventing gender gaps in the energy sector from being narrowed. The findings have shown that despite the efforts of many organisations to boost gender diversity, the industry would still appear to be very much male-dominated, especially when it comes to middle management roles.

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Overcoming energy skills shortages

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As the profession that is spearheading the transition to greener, cleaner energies, and driving the concerted efforts to de-carbonise the world, the energy sector has plenty of appeal for a wide range of skilled individuals. But despite this, there’s a concerning dearth of talent. 

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Addressing energy skills shortages and improving retention

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The global transition towards clean energy and the growing importance of the renewables sector, including solar power and offshore wind, will continue to generate demand for highly skilled workers. Transferable skills from complementary sectors such as oil and gas will be pivotal in helping to plug the skill shortages and resolve some of the hiring challenges facing energy companies. But attracting the right talent is only one part of the hiring equation – how do organisations go about retaining their top talent and stop them joining the competition?

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Energy: 7 ways to be more diverse

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With the energy industry progressively transitioning to cleaner, renewable energy sources, it is facing the challenge of attracting top talent during a time of acute skills shortages and increased competition.

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Attracting the next generation of talent into energy

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One of the key findings to emerge from the Brunel and Oilandgasjobsearch.com Energy Outlook 2021/22 report is a lack of application numbers, which makes it increasingly difficult for the energy industry to hire top talent and plug those widening skill shortages. And with almost 1 in 3 recruiters saying that their biggest challenge is an ageing workforce, it is clear that energy companies must look at ways to improve their talent acquisition strategies. So how can they make the energy sector more attractive to the new generation of young professionals on the cusp of their career?

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The UK’s energy strategy for a cleaner, cheaper future

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Launching the publication of its British energy security strategy policy paper in April, Boris Johnson reiterated the UK government’s position to provide safe, clean and affordable energy for British citizens. The prime minister stressed the need and desire ‘to take advantage of Britain’s ‘inexhaustible resources’, not only using natural sources of energy such as solar and onshore wind power but also boosting the UK’s nuclear power and oil and gas capacity.

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