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Energy skills shortages – why salary gives you a competitive advantage

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With acute skills shortages affecting the energy sector, companies must differentiate themselves if they are to attract highly skilled individuals, particularly in renewable energy fields such as offshore wind. The dearth of talent and falling application numbers has led to an all-time high in competition to plug skills gaps. Alongside improved benefits packages, one of the most effective tools to attract top talent where skills are in short supply is to increase salaries brackets. In our latest blog, we examine this and other key talent retention factors in more detail.

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Sourcing transferable skills for the energy sector

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The global energy sector is facing a well-documented skills shortage, as experts in specialist fields such as renewables remain in short supply and high demand. But, if the UK and other countries around the world are to meet ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets to tackle the global climate crisis by developing clean energy systems, it is clear that organisations will have to look beyond the limited talent pool of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) graduates to fill their roles. As well as providing their own people with the training they need, they will inevitably need to look outside their sector too if the sheer scale of demand is to be met.

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