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This year's report revealed that attracting new talent to stay ahead of the curve is important to energy companies that are navigating these difficult times, which is certainly positive news for job seekers. But in order to do this, companies need to focus on three key areas:


Branding and positioning

Keeping branding and positioning relevant in an evolving landscape can be a challenge, but it will help companies better understand the market while also developing a positive brand identity that speaks to the modern workforce. While company values and culture must be preserved, a company’s vision must remain grounded in the environmental and climate issues of today and offer insights into the future.



Remuneration is a key selling point for talent attraction in the industry, but the oil and gas sector in particular has traditionally been known for offering lucrative benefits for expat specialists. However, this hasn’t been sustainable of late and, as a result, candidates and specialists have started to look for long-term contract stability, relevant benefits and professional development. This means companies in the energy sector are rethinking comprehensive salary and benefit packages in order to retain their talent and attract the best new hires.

Benefits received by workers in 2020

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Training and development

In line with the above, professional career development is creeping up the talent agenda in energy. As more experts actively seek training opportunities and others look to cross across specialisms, there will be a focus on training and development in 2021.

Ways companies are looking to overcome the ongoing skills gap

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Download the Energy Outlook 2021 Report

The above is a quick insight into the many trends identified in the Energy Outlook 2021 Report. Visit the Energy Outlook download page now and download your free copy to find out what lies ahead for energy in 2021.